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Visit a Tidewater Glacier

This is a popular tour request of our Prince William Sound Lodging guests and is only offered off the R/V Cathy G base camp vessel.

On this 6-hour wildlife cruise, Whittier Water Taxi will take you to one of the tide-water glaciers that Prince William Sound is famous for. Along the way, we'll be looking for humpbacked whales, minke whales, orcas, as well as other marine mammals such as Dall porpoise, harbor porpoise, Northern sea otters, harbor seals, Steller sea lions, and numerous marine bird species.

To take advantage of this all time favorite tour, you need to do at least the 3 DAY/2 NIGHT Package on the R/V Cathy G. Click Here for more details.

Humpback Whale playing with Whittier Water Taxi. Prince William Sound whale watching Whittier Water Taxi.
Prince William Sound whales playing with Whittier Water Taxi.

glacier tours glacier tours

At lunch time, we'll pull the shrimp pots and add them to lunch! In this area, we'll also keep a lookout for whales. The areas we frequent are remote, and so we don't need to feel crowded as there are no big tour boats here!

The glacial fjords are popular habitats for shrimp, making for some great feeding grounds for whales, so the likelihood of seeing some is pretty high.



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